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Unsure of what caused your accident? You still have options.

A car accident could leave you with both physical injury and financial damage, yet you may be unsure of the steps you should take in the immediate aftermath. It can be both overwhelming and frustrating to know that you suffered because of the reckless and negligent actions of another person, but you do not have to walk through this complicated situation alone.

Many Oklahoma car accident victims fail to move forward with a civil claim because the prospect of a complicated legal process daunts them or they are unsure that they have a case. It is okay to be uncertain of your options, but you would be wise to find out if you have grounds to seek financial compensation.

Trucking straight into danger: The risks of fatigued driving

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods across the country, playing a vital role in the American economy. However, these men and women face a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver goods in a timely manner. Whether it is due to payment upon delivery or because of encouragement from their employers, Oklahoma truckers are often behind the wheel when they are actually too tired to drive safely.

Fatigued driving is dangerous driving, and a tired truck driver can cause an accident that may result in serious injuries for occupants of a smaller vehicle. For this reason, the trucking industry requires truckers and companies to adhere to standards that outline how many hours a person can drive.

Ready for recovery?

Many Oklahoma travelers are at risk for accidents merely because there are negligent drivers sharing the road. Regardless of how alert, cautious and obedient to traffic laws you are when you get behind the wheel, there's not much you can do about another driver's choices. Being struck by a distracted or drunk driver when one least expects it can turn an otherwise uneventful trip into a tragic situation.

Your rights after a work-related vehicle accident

A car accident can change your life in an instant, and some Oklahoma victims may find that they never fully recover from their physical and emotional injuries. The aftermath of an accident can truly be overwhelming, especially if you were in a work vehicle at the time of your crash.

Distracted driving and the threat to Oklahoma drivers

Distraction is a major threat to the safety of all drivers on Oklahoma roads and highways. Beginning with the increase in the number of drivers who use their phones while driving, many vehicles now come with built-in technology that also distracts and endangers drivers. Distraction of all types is dangerous, inexcusable and completely preventable.

If you are a victim of a car accident, it is possible that distraction played a role. You should not have to carry the burden of someone else's negligence, but may take the appropriate steps required to secure the financial recovery you need for your medical bills and other accident-related losses. An experienced attorney can determine if you are a victim of distracted driving and help you understand the legal options available to you.

Seat belts pose an injury risk for some

When you get injured in a car accident, it's never easy coping with the medical and financial implications. Whether it's a back injury or other type of injury, recovery can be long. You may have been injured due to another driver's negligence. But did you know seat belts could also pose a safety hazard and contribute to injuries in a car accident? Older, smaller drivers are more at risk for being injured in a crash because of one contributing factor: the force of the seatbelt wasn't designed for their body type and size, a study finds.

Many seat belts are designed for middle-aged men - around 40 years old, according to the study - and the amount of force they put on someone who is older, smaller or shorter in body type can lead them to have injuries during a crash. Types of injuries from a seat belt having too much force on your body can include:

How does driver negligence law work in Oklahoma?

You or your loved one were seriously injured in a car accident because of someone else's wrongdoing or negligence. They could've been speeding, not obeying traffic laws, driving while distracted or drunk - but the bottom line is you suffered the worst consequences due to their actions. It's frustrating and frightening, thinking about how you will recover from your injuries.

But does the court understand that the other driver was negligent, and you were not at fault? Oklahoma law uses a 50 percent modified comparative negligence standard. What does this mean? It means you have to prove that the other driver was 50 percent at fault or more in order to recover compensation for damages or injuries from the accident. If you were partially at fault, you need to be 50 percent at fault or less in order to recover compensation.

Deer expected to cause many accidents in coming weeks

If you are a hunter or have hunters in your family, then you know that the rut is upon us. For the non-hunters out there, rutting season is mating season for deer. It is also the time of year when car accidents involving deer spike in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

The rut starts now and lasts about six weeks, so safety officials are warning drivers to use extra caution. Unfortunately, collisions involving deer can be fatal, and not just for the animal. An Oklahoma news station reported that there have been multiple deaths in recent years because of accidents involving deer.

Did insurance deny your car accident claim? What to do next

One minute you were driving, and the next you were in an accident. You were injured and your car was wrecked, and you have lost wages from missing work. It wasn't your fault. You did everything you were supposed to do, from filing a police report, snapping pictures of evidence and damage, getting medical treatment right away and filing a claim with your insurance company. But now in your hands is a denial letter, and you are angry and confused. You feel wronged by the insurance company. You were paying the insurance company to protect you in case of an accident, and now that you need them to hold up their end of the deal and pay damages, they refuse.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious about how you will pay for the damages and medical expenses. You wonder how you will get your finances and life back on track after missing work. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, and the way they can profit is to collect premiums while minimizing payments for accidents. You feel this is wrong, the accident was not your fault and you deserve compensation from the insurance company.

Some people never recover from a car wreck

Car accidents happen every day in Oklahoma. But that doesn't mean that they are easy to deal with or that they don't have lasting consequences. In fact, many people who have been seriously injured in car wrecks never recover from the physical, emotional and financial damage that was caused.

A serious car accident can really turn a person's life upside down. Not only does the person have to worry about recovering physically and emotionally from what they have been through, they also have to worry about how they will pay for the medical bills and repairs to their vehicle.

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