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3 common causes of bike accidents

With the warmer weather, many in Tulsa are out on bicycles. For some, bicycling is strictly a form of exercise, while for others it is a form of transportation, using bikes to run errands or get to work. Regardless of why someone rides, with more bicycles on the roadways, motorists need to take certain precautions to ensure everyone's safety.

All too often, when there is an accident between a bicyclist and a motorist, the bicyclist is hurt or killed in the crash. And while some of these crashes are caused by the bicyclists, there are plenty of others that could have easily been prevented had the driver of the car or truck been more careful.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides a wealth of information on bicycle safety. In this blog post, we will focus on some of the more common mistakes drivers make and what a bicyclist should do after a crash.

  • Failing to see bicycles: Whether turning in front of a bicyclist or backing up without checking, many accidents are caused by drivers claiming they just did not see the bicyclist approaching. This is why drivers must always check their rearview mirrors and blind spots, as well as looking in all directions before making a turn on red. If a bicyclist is approaching, a driver should also never try to guess at how quickly the bicyclist is approaching, as it is easy to underestimate and cause a crash.
  • Driving too fast: As a rule, drivers should always follow the speed limit and all traffic laws. Additionally, part of being a good driver is being a defensive driver who is looking out for others. Again, this includes checking all mirrors and blind spots.
  • Distractions or intoxication: It is very easy to get to close to a bicyclist, especially when a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or distracted.

What to do after a bike accident

If you are in a bike accident, it is important to get medical attention right away. While you may be in an accident where an ambulance is on the scene for transport to a hospital, there are accidents where your injuries may not seem as severe at the onset. Regardless, after a bike accident it is best to be seen by a medical professional to make sure the full extent of any injuries are properly documented.

The next step should also be to reach out to an attorney. At Terrel B. DoRemus & Associates, we represent bicyclists hurt in crashes. We will help ensure you are getting the proper medical care. We act as strong advocates; standing up to the insurance companies to get the compensation that is needed and deserved.

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